Division One Player Commitment Policy

Committing to the Division 1 Tennis Team

Tennis players selected to play in the top division, division 1, of university tennis for the University of Ottawa Tennis Club (UOTC) are competitive, hard-working, and motivated players. Tennis players who accept this position must make a large commitment to the team. After the UOTC tryouts, certain players will be offered the chance to train and compete on the division 1 team based on their skill level on the tennis court. During tryouts, players will be evaluated based on their physical and mental skill set. A player’s attitude on and off the court will also be factored into this decision.

Division 1 Player Fee

Players can accept or decline this offer to play on the Division 1 team. If a player decides to accept their offer, they must then pay a ‘Player Fee’. This fee will be decided by the President and Treasurer of the UOTC in collaboration with the Rideau Sports Centre, the local private tennis facility. The Player Fee will cover court fees, competition travel, and apparel of that Division 1 player for a full fall or winter semester.

Each player must pay the Player Fee on time, and keep either an electronic or paper record of the transaction. The Player Fee is the same for every player regardless of their tennis ability. However, the cost can vary per semester based on changes to prime time and/or non-prime time courts fees at the Rideau Sports Center. Once the Player Fee is paid, the player will have two weeks to decide whether they still want to commit and play on the team.

If the player chooses to no longer participate on the team within the two-week period, they will receive a full refund of their Player Fee. After the two-week period has expired, the player can no longer receive a refund of their Player Fee.

Division 1 Team Practice Commitment

Following payment, all Division 1 players must commit to practice. The UOTC will have three weekly tennis practices. The dates and times of club practices will be determined by UOTC Executives in collaboration with the team captains, Division 1 players, and court availability. All players will be notified of practice dates and times as soon as possible. Practices will be run by Tennis Canada certified coach and UOTC veteran Zhenya Kondratovski. Zhenya is a former top-ranked USSR junior tennis player. UOTC men’s and women’s captains will assist Coach Zhenya run practice when necessary. Practices will focus on the improvement and development of Division 1 players’ tennis skills. Practices will include drills, specific point situations, and match-play.

Practice Arrival Time

Attending practice is mandatory for all Division 1 tennis players. Players are expected to arrive five to ten minutes prior to the start of practice. For example, if practice is scheduled at 7:00am, players should aim to arrive at 6:50am, and change into tennis gear, shoes, etc. by 6:55am. This will allow practice to begin on-time, every time. Players arriving early should also warm up their bodies in order to minimize physical injury during practice. Captains are expected to arrive before the players and lead a physical warmup prior to the start of play.

Being late is defined as arriving any time after the first five minutes of practice. Therefore, if practice is scheduled at 7:00am and a player arrives at 7:05am, they are considered late. It is each player’s responsibility to notify their respective male or female captain whether they are unable to attend. Arriving to practice late or failing to attend practice without justification will result in consequences for the player.

Consequences for Lateness

It is the player’s responsibility to make any necessary arrangements in order to arrive at practice on time.

With regards to timeliness, the first time a player shows up late will result in a warning from their captain. The player will be allowed to join practice when they arrive. A second late arrival will result in the player having to wait until their captain deems it appropriate for them to join the practice. Any further late arrivals for the player will result in them not being allowed to participate in practice. Therefore, the player will be considered absent from the practice.

With regards to absences from practice, any absence from practice that has been justified will not result in any penalty for the player; no matter the number of justified absences. Justifiable absences can include personal reasons, midterm examinations, class lectures, laboratory classes, university trips, and physical or mental injury. However, captains can also decide whether or not the player’s justification was appropriate.

Absence Justification

Players have 24 hours prior to practice to justify their absence to their captain. For example, if a player was unable to attend a 7:00am to 9:00am practice Monday morning due to the fact that he/she had a midterm that same Monday morning at 8:30am, that player has until Tuesday morning at 7:00am to notify their captain justifying their absence. It is suggested players justify their absence as early as possible. To clarify, justifying an absence is defined as the player notifying their captain within 24 hours of the most recent practice that he/she cannot attend a practice for the following date due to one or more of the reasons listed above. An absence is then deemed unjustified if the respective captain receives a notification beyond the 24-hour time limit or no notification from the player at all.

With regards to unjustified absences, if a player misses practice, doesn’t notify their captain on time with their justification, and then arrives at the next practice, it becomes the captain’s decision whether the player can participate in that respective practice.

Consequences for Three or More Unjustified Absences

If a player has three or more unjustified absences, they will no longer be considered part of the Division 1 team. The player no longer is allowed to attend Division 1 practices, and the player will lose the opportunity to compete against other universities with the Division 1 team. The player will not receive a refund of their Player Fee. The player may then choose to participate in Division 2 practices or wait until the following semester to re-join Division 1 if he/she wishes to do so.

University of Ottawa Tennis Club Constitution

Section 1.0 – Constitution

  1. The University of Ottawa Tennis Club (the “UOTC”) is the official name of the club.
  2. The UOTC’s Instagram handle name shall be “uotennisclub”.
  3. The UOTC’s Facebook name shall be the “University of Ottawa Tennis Club”.
  4. The UOTC shall have three divisions: “Division 1”, “Division 2”, and “Division 3” (In decreasing order of tennis playing ability).

Section 2.0 – Club Executives, Captains, and Board Members

  1. The individual and collective responsibilities of the Executive Committee are outlined in a document entitled ‘Club Executive Roles’ (Schedule A). It is expected that each Executive member will fulfill their role to the best of their ability using the resources provided.
  2. There shall be five Executive Members on the Executive Committee, the: “President”, “Treasurer”, “Communications Executive”, “Marketing Executive”, and “Website Developer”.
  3. In order to be an eligible candidate for an executive position, candidates must have been a member of the University of Ottawa Tennis Club for at least one full year (equivalent to three consecutive semesters).
  4. No candidate shall hold two executive positions simultaneously.
  5. In the event that no candidate is able to meet the requirements of the “President” or no candidate is willing to assume the role of the “President”, one of the other club executives may be elected as the “Acting President”.
  6. There shall be at least one male and one female captain. Refer to Schedule A for full details regarding the roles of captains.
  7. In order to be an eligible candidate for the male or female captain position, candidates must have been a member of the University of Ottawa Tennis Club for at least two full years (equivalent to 6 consecutive semesters) in Division 1.
  8. Holding the role of a captain shall not qualify as an executive position on the University of Ottawa Tennis Club. However, captains shall attend executive meetings if the President deems necessary.
  9. The Board of the UOTC shall be responsible for aiding club executives during decision-making processes.
  10. The Board of the UOTC shall be composed of a minimum of 4 members. Members may include club alumni and University of Ottawa faculty members.
  11. Holding a position on the Board of the UOTC shall not qualify as holding an executive position on the UOTC.

Section 3.0 – Finances

  1. The UOTC shall be funded by members of the club, local sponsorship donations, and fundraising events.
  2. The UOTC’s current bank is the Meridian Credit Union. The President and Treasurer shall be the two UOTC club members with the authority to change the UOTC’s bank.
  3. The President and Treasurer shall be the two UOTC club members with signing authority over the club’s funds.
  4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for calculating the club’s annual budget at least one month before the start of the upcoming term. The President must oversee the budget and ensure that all calculations are accurate.

Section 4.0 – Full Club Meetings

  1. The UOTC shall have no less than one executive meeting per semester, and no less than one Annual General Meeting.
  2. There shall be an executive meeting at the beginning of each of the fall and winter semesters.
  3. There shall be an Annual Executive Meeting in March.
  4. Club meetings cannot be arranged during examination periods and term holidays.
  5. All club executives must attend all meetings unless unforeseeable circumstances arise for the respective executive who is unable to attend.

Section 5.0 – Members and Membership Fees

  1. The UOTC is open to all current students, alumni and staff of the University of Ottawa.
  2. Players competing in Division 1 must be registered as full-time students (meaning at least three courses in a semester).
  3. Following club tryouts, club members will be required to pay a membership fee granting them a membership to the club for the remainder of the school year (till April).
  4. Membership fees will cover individual court fees, apparel, and competition travelling fees.
  5. A player will not be considered as an official member of the club until they pay their membership fee.
  6. Membership fees for each division will be calculated by the Treasurer and verified by the President.
  7. Fees are subject to change each semester based on court fees, and the number of club competition travelling fees.
  8. Players shall have the right to see how the membership fee was calculated upon request.
  9. The membership fee shall remain the same for members of the same division.

Schedule A

University of Ottawa Tennis Club Executive Roles

  • President
    • This member must have previously been on the executive for at least one year in another position before being eligible for this role.
    • The president can assume or delegate the responsibilities of executive members at their discretion.
    • Act as an official representative of the UOTC in any public capacity and/or special circumstances.
    • Give notice to all club members of the Club’s Annual General Meeting.
    • Give notice to all executive members of any Executive Meetings.
    • Prepare an agenda for the Annual General Meeting, Executive meetings and distribute to necessary members at least three days in advance.
    • Conduct and preside over the club’s Annual General Meeting, and executive meetings.
    • Ensure all work being done by other executives and captains is organised.
    • Help and/or fully cover any of the other executive and captain roles when necessary.
    • Place, track, and distribute clothing orders.
    • Maintain working relationships with clothing suppliers.
    • Consult with the UOTC board members at least once annually to provide updates on the status of the club.

  • Treasurer
    • Work with the President to develop an annual budget plan, and determine respective membership fees for each division.
    • Have detailed records of account and make sure that the UOTC operates within the budget
      • Keep record of all financial transactions
      • Ensure a healthy, sustainable, cash-flow procedure
    • Collection and allocation of the UOTC’s funds through the leadership of the Executive.
    • Maintain all team financial records and files.
    • Keep the Executive Committee informed of the UOTC’s monetary status.
    • Collect and track payments on membership fees, clothing orders, and any other outstanding fees.

  • Marketing Executive
    • Identify sources of funding for the UOTC’s development.
    • Build long-term relationships with local businesses and benefactors.
    • Negotiate deals and draft contractual agreements with local sponsors and facilities relevant to the UOTC.
    • Organize innovative fundraising activities to generate income.
    • Track fundraising initiatives and results to evaluate success.
    • Investigate and pursue corporate sponsorships.

  • Communications Executive
    • Raise the UOTC’s profile.
    • Maintain and update the UOTC’s social media accounts including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and website.
    • Ensure the UOTC’s social media feeds provide transparent, up-to-date, relevant information.
    • Report on the UOTC’s events and results.
    • Manage, and send all emails on behalf of the UOTC with the help of the President
    • Plan and execute new player recruitment; including promoting club tryouts at the beginning of the semester.
    • Organize club social events and monthly opportunities for athletes to get together throughout the season.

  • Web Developer
    • Build and maintain a website representing the UOTC.
    • Ensure the UOTC’s website feeds provides transparent, up-to-date, relevant information.
    • Work closely with the Communications Executive to ensure website has relevant information on the UOTC.
    • Report on the UOTC’s events and results.

  • Male and Female Club Captains
    • Assist the coach(es) in coaching practice.
    • Represent the UOTC and the sport of tennis with the highest level of team respect and sportsmanship.
    • Attend all UOTC practices on time.
    • Enforce the “University of Ottawa Tennis Club Division 1 Player Commitment Policy”.
    • Monitor Division 1 players’ practice attendance.
    • Collaborate with the coach(s) to discuss club division rosters.

  • Board Members
    • Consult on executive decision-making processes and provide guidance when needed.
    • Assist with transitions between Executive Terms to ensure continuity.
    • Attend meetings at the discretion of the President providing insight from previous executives & coaches.
    • Consult on executive decisions and provide guidance when needed.

All executive members are expected to:

  • Complete individual roles as described above.
  • Attend mandatory Executive meetings.
  • Update and maintain online files for each individual position.
  • Assist in training their successor.
  • Help promote and organize social and fundraising events.

Schedule B

University of Ottawa Tennis Club Code of Conduct

General Etiquette

  • All UOTC members are a representation of the University of Ottawa, as well as the University of Ottawa Tennis Club, and should act professionally.
  • Members are expected to have mutual respect for each other regardless of their ability, age, race, gender, or status on the team.
  • The UOTC does not tolerate disrespect and discrimination towards any members or coach of the club.
  • Punctuality is essential for the smooth running of all training sessions, competitions, and events organized by the club. Being late is impolite and disrespectful to your fellow team members and may compromise a player's selection to represent the club durin the competition.
  • Members are expected to attend all team meetings, recruitment, and fundraising activities, as well as social events. If an athlete is unavailable, the member must notify the President, their Captain, or Communications Executive when applicable, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Members are expected to pay their membership fees by the due date. Failure to do so will result in the individual member being unable to attend practices and play at competition should they be selected.


  • Members will only train within their abilities and levels of fitness. Division 1 holds the highest-level members in terms of tennis abilities and fitness levels (Divisions 2 and 3 are recreation divisions whereby Division 2 is intermediate, or the feeder division and Division 3 is beginner).
  • Club practices will be run by coaches with the assistance of the captains.
  • Each practice will involve specific drills aimed to improve the players’ tennis playing abilities.
  • Members are expected to notify their respective captains if they cannot attend training.
  • Members are expected to attend 80% of practices organized for the UOTC.
  • Members are required to train throughout the winter and during the summer to be considered for the UOTC the following fall season.
  • All club practices will be held at Rideau Sports Centre and/or Sportheque unless otherwise specified by the President, team captains, and Communications Executive.
  • All players will treat the Rideau Sports Centre and Sportheque tennis courts and training facilities with respect.


  • Proper tennis attire will be worn by all players on the court and all players must adhere to host club rules and regulations regarding apparel.
  • During competitions against other universities, players must wear their Gee-Gees tennis apparel.
  • The merchandise will be provided to all players competing at least one week prior to their matches.

Schedule C

University of Ottawa Tennis Club Elections & Impeachment

Section 1 – Elections

Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting in March of each year. All members will be notified at least 10 days in advance. The following rules apply:

  • The length of the mandate of executive members is from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.
  • The executive positions will be open to members of the club who are students at the University of Ottawa, except for the Administrator position.
  • Candidates for executive positions must convey their interest in a particular position to the current executive no less than 7 days before the voting date. Candidates also have the opportunity to submit a platform for the position, which will be circulated to club members prior to the voting date.
  • Note: In the event that there is nobody contesting for a given executive position in advance of the vote, members may indicate their interest in the position during the Annual Meeting.
  • Voting will begin the day of the Annual Meeting, and will be open for 3 days. During voting, each club member will be able to submit one vote for each executive position.
    • All members of the club are able to vote.
    • Votes will be anonymous.
    • Voting will be available in paper and online, and in both official languages.
  • Election Officials: two individuals picked by leaving executives that are not participating as candidates in the election. These individuals are to act as neutral members and enforce election guidelines such that the election is held fairly.
    • Will ensure that all club members are notified regarding the call for candidacy and that they are given a fair opportunity to run for an executive position. Make the voting ballots transparent and fair, and be present for the counting of voting ballots. Will make the results public.
  • Candidates running in the current election may select individuals to count the votes. The counters cannot be elected officials or candidates in the election. Counting will begin once the voting period has finished following 3 days.
  • The chosen member for given executive positions will be the candidate with the greatest number of votes.

Section 2 – Impeachment

  • Any member of the club who commits an act that negatively affects the members or the interest of the club may be given notice of impeachment by the President.
  • The impeached individual shall have the right to defend their actions.
  • A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of present members will result in the removal of the impeached individual from the club, carrying the loss of all privileges associated with the club.

Schedule D

University of Ottawa Tennis Club Refund Policy

Section 1 – Membership Refund

Initiating a refund policy for club members, as judged by a vote among executive members, will include the following format and minimum standard:

  • A member may apply for a full refund within one month of becoming a member of the club if:
    • There has been a misinterpretation of the club’s mandate and proposed activities as agreed upon when signing up for the club.
    • There are extenuating circumstances which include, but are not limited to:
      • Serious organisational difficulties with the club executive(s) that led to a complete lack of communication with its members, or a lack of programming, as promoted to its members.
      • Any circumstances that seriously hamper the ability of the club member to enjoy their membership.
      • The inability of the club and the given member to resolve the refund issue, in which case the club or member may request assistance from the UOTC’s President who will act as a mediator
  • Members who request a refund after the one-month period has expired will not receive a refund.

Section 2 – Car Travel Refund

Initiating a refund for any player, alumni, or coach who volunteers to use their vehicle to drive fellow players, alumni, and coaches to out-of-town competitions will only include the following items::

  • The full cost of gas based on the total distance travelled for the respective trip and/or the full cost of parking based on the designated competition venue location.
    • Purchase receipts for gas and/or designated parking must be provided to the Treasurer in order to be eligible for a complete refund.
    • Items such as vehicle wear & tear, speeding tickets, toll fees, parking tickets away from the designated competition venue location, and any other fee which the respective driver is voluntarily liable for will NOT be refunded.
    • It is the discretion of both the President and Treasurer to decide whether a refund is deserved during valid, specific, circumstantial instances argued by a driver.
  • Members who request a refund one month after the competition will no longer be eligible for a refund.
    • This does not apply to coaches