Head Coach

Zhenya Kondratovski is the Head Coach for the University of Ottawa Tennis Club. He is a full-time coach at the Rockcliffe Lawn and Tennis Club.

Zhenya started playing tennis at the age of nine at the Dynamo Sports School in Minsk, Belarus. As a junior player, he competed provincially and nationally and was ranked in the top twenty in the USSR. He was the Belarus men’s doubles champion in 1989 and registered wins over top ten players in the country in his age category. Zhenya was also a regular hitting partner for junior national teams, ATP, and WTA players.

He earned a B.A. in Coaching and Physical Education from the Belarus Institute of Physical Culture and Sports in 1990 and an M.A. in Sports Studies (Sociology of Sports) at the University of Ottawa, in 1995. He joined the Ottawa U tennis team in 1993-1994, then became an assistant and a head coach in 1997.

Zhenya is a four-time NCTA City Open Champion in singles and doubles, an Ontario Open Doubles finalist, and a Kunstadt Open finalist. Zhenya was the full-time pro at RTSC since 1995 and head pro from 2007-2017 and worked with many provincial, national, and NCAA calibre players. He is a Tennis Canada certified Coach 2 and Club Pro 2, Cardio Tennis Certified and a member of the TPA.

Zhenya is a recipient of the Coaching Excellence Award from Tennis Canada. In the past year and a half, he has been a coach with the Sports Training Academy and recently the Ontario Tennis Association regional coordinator for Ottawa. Zhenya believes in sharing his knowledge, experience, and love of the game with his students. He is always open to learning and finding new ways to transmit habits and knowledge of the game, which keeps evolving and changing.

Zhenya Kondratovski

Assitant Coaches

Ramin Anam

Ramin Anam is an Assistant Coach for the University of Ottawa Tennis Club.

His journey in tennis began when he started playing at the age of 13. While learning this sport was frustrating and a challenge, he was encouraged to continue to develop his game by his family, regularly practicing with his father and sister.

Ramin had the privilege of being mentored by a number of excellent coaches in Ottawa who shared their love of the sport through their teachings. Looking to complete his volunteer hours for highschool, Ramin worked at a March Break tennis camp; this was the start of his coaching journey. Now, a decade later, Ramin is a full time tennis pro at the Tennis Center West Ottawa. Ramin holds the Tennis Canada certified Club Pro 1 designation and is currently pursuing certification as a Club Pro 2. He enjoys finding new methods to improve his skills and knowledge so he can help his students learn and develop in their own way. Ramin is always thrilled to be a part of a player's tennis journey as they strive to reach their potential.

Ramin Anam

Teo Novakovic is an Assistant Coach for the University of Ottawa Tennis Club.

Teo has competed at a national level in juniors and began coaching at the age of 15. After training for 2 years in Bosnia, he came back in Ottawa to continue his studies. Through his experience as a player, Teo wishes for the Gee Gees team to become more competitive and achieve higher results.